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 It is my hope that your final images will become a cherished gift for your child. To bring back a memory. A forgotten story. These pictures are more than just pictures, they are proof that your little one was here... young, alive and beautiful. This is their story.


While you are still pregnant!

Let's get your newborn session booked as soon as possible! Of course babies very seldom arrive on their actual due date, that is why I will add you to my 'floating' session calendar. I only schedule a limited number of newborns per month.


Did You Procrastinate?

No worries. It doesn't hurt to ask if I have an opening, but I can't guarantee I'll have last minute availability.


Most of the newborns you see here are 5-14 days old. Photographing newborns in the first 2 weeks is preferable. It is not impossible to photograph them past the 2 week mark, but it is more difficult to achieve the squishy baby poses. Try to contact me within the first 48 hours of babies arrival.  This will help ensure a session date within the first 14 days.




The quality of your newborn photos is important to me, and sometimes to achieve the best quality takes time. That's why my newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours. I want you to be able to relax during this time, so have a seat on the couch, find a good movie and enjoy. Not all sessions take 3 hours of course, but please be prepared for that time just in case.


I know it can be difficult sometimes (especially if this is your first child) to hand your baby off to a stranger. I have been trained and use only the safest newborn posing technigues. Your baby's safety is my number one priority.




One of the things almost everyone asks is, "Do you supply props?" ABSOLUTELY. I have an extentive supply of props, wraps, rompers, hats and headbands so no need to bring anything but baby. I don't mind if you want to add something special to the session, just be sure to let me know  so I can plan ahead of time.





Let me know ahead of time if you plan on bringing older siblings. I love to capture those sweet sibling shots! I like to plan on doing these shots at the beginning of the session. Then it's usually best if your spouse or someone else can take them home or somewhere so they don't get bored. For outfits, keeping it simple and natural will help keep focus on the kids. A t-shirt or no shirt for boys, and maybe a tank top or simple neutral dress for girls.





Just like with siblings, please let me know ahead of time if you would like to get in on a few shots. There's no extra charge for for sibling or parent shots. Don't wear anything too fancy or hot. I crank up the heat for baby and don't want you sweating it out for the entire session. Besides, simple outfits keep focus on baby. I recommend a tank top or cami for mom, for dads a t-shirt or no shirt is best.  


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